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What do we wear to class?

Our Uniform is a black tank leotard with suntan convertible tights and whichever shoe is appropriate for the dancer’s chosen class. For more detailed information about our uniform requirements click HERE.

How do we purchase Costumes?

Costumes are chosen by teachers at the beginning of the year and then placed on each child’s DSP account based on their classes. We measure each child to ensure that the correct size is ordered. This year it is the parent's responsibility to pay the Costume Fee posted on their Dancestudio-pro Account. The studio will purchase costumes, based on the payment of the Costume Fee, in order to add some ease to the costume process. If you have any questions about the costume process please call or send us an email.

Can I watch my child in class?

It is best to let your dancer adjust and navigate through class without any influencing distractions. The best way to know how your child is doing in class is to talk to their teacher. Winter Informal Showings will give you a glimpse into the classroom and show your child’s progress on their dance journey.

How is my child doing?

Teachers are always ready to answer any questions you have about class. When you pick up your dancer, that is the perfect time to get some insight on your dancer’s progress. But, as a studio, this year we will be implementing Parent/Teacher Conferences before the Winter Informal Showings.

Is there anything I missed?

Here at MAD we mostly communicate through email. All pertinent information will also be available through our MAD APP. The best way to stay up to date with all MAD events is to download the APP to your smartphone and add our MAD calendar to your google calendar. Be on the look out for our monthly Newsletters!

Who do I contact?

If you need any assistance, a MAD Admin Team member can be reached via phone or email. Please note that our lobby is closed due to Covid-19. When you call the studio one of our MAD Admins will answer the phone and they can answer any questions you might have or assist you in contacting the person who can to help you. For a more detailed list of who to contact click HERE.

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