We have created a special Virtual Classroom on our Zoom Platform. The Virtual Classroom will have a DIFFERENT schedule then your in-house schedule. This will

allow us to spread your dancers time out over the week. You will attend class with you teacher and should check your e-mail for your NEW/TIME.  

IF you miss class online you will be sent the playback with in 24 hours. You can easily go back and view when it works for your schedule.


By use of the Zoom platform, we can not only see and hear our students, but hey can see and hear each other! When if feels like life has been cancelled at the moment, we are grateful for this platform and its undoubted positive impact on our dancers! 

If you will be accessing Zoom on a laptop or desktop computer, you should not need to download the Zoom App (but it helps). If you intend to access it on a phone or tablet, you should download the free Zoom App from the App Store in advance of your dance class. 

Please also make sure you have a clear 6x6 space for your dancer to practice in. We will not be enforcing dress code, but ask that you choose footwear based on the surface you will practice on. No socks without grips on the bottom (too slippery!). Bare feet or your normal dance shoes would be best! For tap classes, if you don't want to scratch your floors, consider duct tape over the taps or a large sock cover the shoes! 

All of your Zoom links will be accessible in the Parent Portal under Today's Schedule, Notes and via e-mail. CHECK ALL THREE PLACES TO ACCESS! 

All other items (Class music and recital choreography will be available under Class Files. You can always email us for help at

PARENTS OF CHILDREN AGES 2-6 should be present/nearby to re-direct & re-focus dancers as needed. 

Students will be instructed to take bathroom/water breaks as needed and do not need to request permission to do so.