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The Virtual Premiere of
Together We Dance is in 4 parts. The final part is a Gala Concert to showcase some special pieces of our students. We invite everyone to enjoy the Gala Concert at 6:00 pm. Make sure you SELECT ALL of the shows to get the separate link to view at the designated start time. When you checkout the system will automatically apply a discount to reduce the fee to a flat rate of $15.00 plus the ticket fees. 

The Videos
will be available to view with the links provided (in your receipt) from June 19-22nd. After the 22nd you will only be able to view with a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. YOU ONLY NEED ONE LINK PER HOUSEHOLD (IP ADDRESS). The links will only work on one IP Address (WIFI network). You can connect any device to view in the home. 

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Your Spring Concert Ticket Credit has been applied to your DSP account. 
Volunteers who worked for tech & film week will receive an additional code, for a 2nd Spring Concert Ticket Credit, via e-mail. 


After June 22nd you can only view the Spring Concert by purchasing a download of the show. The cost for the digital download is $15 for each part. You will want to make this purchase when you check out or you can choose to ONLY purchase the download. The download will be available through July 22, 2021. This option is good if your family will miss the virtual premiere. You will have access to download the videos to watch at your leisure. 

Ticket Sales
Virtual Watch Party
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Concert & Class Pictures.png

class & film day pictures

Our photographer was on site to capture our students for class pictures & of them performing on stage. They are organized by age groups
(starting with PD 3 - Upper School)

He is a freelance artist and we are here to support his work! Please honor his work and purchase the downloads! DO NOT SCREENSHOT!

These photos are copyrighted by their respective owners. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use prohibited. 

Class & Film Day Pictures
T-shirt Pick-up
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